Ok, this is for those that know the rules...

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A funny thing happened on the golf course today. On the 14th tee, I hit a low tee shot ... I know, that doesn't seem too funny, but ... I teed off from the blue tees, my shot hit the white tee marker, knocking it out of the ground and moving it 2 feet ahead ... funny as that is, there is more ... the ball then came directly back at me, thanks to some "Matrix" type moves, I dodged getting hit and ended up hitting my 2nd shot 16 yards behind where I teed off. Ok, admit it. You are at least chuckling.

My question is, if I hadn't dodged the ball and gotten hit ... would I have to take a penalty stroke for interference?

My golf buddy said I could plead "self-defense"  :)

Christopher K

One stroke penalty, and added embarrassment.

Allen P

Rule 19-2 applies. One stroke penalty and play the ball as it lies.

Skylar T

Yup, it would be a one stroke penalty.  I once was walking passed my ball when it was on the green in a tournament and accidentally kicked the ball and I got accessed a one stroke penalty and had to replace the ball to where it was. 

Christian J

Second that.  ^^^  If it hits you, you have to take a stroke.  


Thanks gang, I knew I heard of that rule before, and yes ... the embarrassment was there even without getting hit :)


wow...that's crazy!  yeah, would have been a one stroke penalty.  and probably one of the weirdest penalties seen.