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Started by : Mike D., Team Titleist Manager |

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Team Titleist Staff

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

Hi Team Titleist,

I know it's U.S. Open week but we're pretty excited for the launch of our new navigation across and Team Titleist.

Hopefully you've noticed that we've enhanced the top-level navigation and introduced quick links/secondary navigation to make it even easier to get right to the content you're looking for.

We hope you like the update and as always, thanks for your feedback! 


Looks great!  Awesome work as always Mike and team!


Mike - love the new navigation.  It's very user friendly and looks good too.  Great update to the site.

Bill P


     Love actually surprised me this morning when it popped up....!!!!



Thomas C

Much better!  Awesome job and I appreciate the effort towards continual improvement!

Club Champion


Looking good Mike and team.  Enjoying the site improvements.  



Great job...always looking forward to new things on the site.

Andrew A

Any else having issues with the new navigaiton in Chrome?

Mike C

Like the new drop down format to help nevigation.

Great job as always and keep up the good work!!

David C



I like the changes and the efforts to continuously improve the site.

Keep it up.




i did until I cleared my cache.


Mike and TT,

Yes I agree, the drop-down function and new navigation is really effective. So easy to look up club specs. The players tab and functions are great too. Really functional.

Great job, as expected.

Brian D

The new functionality is great.  It is nice to see the site continue to evolve.




To all at Team Titleist:

The new nav is quick and easy. Great upgrade, thanks.

Chris S

Two thumbs up on the new Nav! Good Job TT!

No problems here with Chrome mobile.

 Chris S