It really ruins the message board when you see so many bag tag/lanyard/anything else threads.  Let's just get back to talking about awesome Titleist products and this great game.  It makes it more special when you get something in the mail and don't ask for it, don't you think???

I totally agree. Everyone likes free stuff, but asking for it is in poor taste.

Amen Bill!!!! Well said!!!

Brian D

If you want something, I have always learned you have to EARN IT!  Mike and the entire Team Titleist team do a terrific job with contests, mailings, and tesing when appropriate. 

Come to the forum, participate, educate, and learn from the experience and if you do enough, you will certianly be rewerded.

This site is not about free things at all.

When I first read the headline on the thread, in all honesty, I thought is about about 1 or 2 foot puts being given out as "gimmies", too funny.

Enjoy the post, the site and the community!!!


Brian - Well said.  And to follow up your last point, I thought the tread was about putting as well...HAHAHA!


Agreed.  It is just sickening.  It seriously turns me off from visiting the forums here.  I wish Mike and team would just "not approve" those types of posts.  

It's just lame for people to whine and beg to get some stuff.  Just stick around and have fun talking golf and Titleist and stickers and cool stuff comes.  I sincerely hope this behavior isn't rewarded by Titleist because it just gets more people to beg.  

It's help if there was just a small store of items.  If you want something Team Titleist you just buy it.  Then Mike and team could funnel that money back into enhancements for TT!  :-)


I agree with everyone! Justin has the right idea, just stop approving those posts.

 Chris S

Right on the money deaconfann , folks should go to a event

or support smaller tours and wear your Titleist hat and 

Fj shirt and you mite get lucky.(demanding a number sticker) is hilarious

IM glad this post has such a following. I've been fed up with the beggars for almost two years. "its always dose anyone have a lanyard" or "id rather be driving a titleist" sticker.  i think all of us would love to have those items as well but most of us have a sense of respect and don't beg for them. anyways good post it hope people stop begging but i know it wont happen.

cheers greens and fairways to all


Let's all just play golf, have fun and not think of T.T. as a place of free handouts.


Completely agree with this post.  It's been bugging me for a while now, but I didn't want to rock the boat by saying something.  I'm glad someone spoke up. 

 I have been a Team Titleist member for a couple of years and am always grateful of any TT merchandise I receive. I don't beg, I'm too proud to go online and ask about free stuff!!! Titleist and FJ are great companies, Mike, etal, take great care of us! GO get your "Swoosh" on see if they care about their supporters the way Titleist looks after us! 

Quit begging! If you were in line to receive promotional items, I'd take you off the list!!!!

BTW, Love my new AP1s and the 913D2!!!!!!!!!!!

Great comments by everyone on this topic. I've used Titleist equipment for years because I think it's the best equipment, period. Enough of the freebie requests.

Amen I couldn't agree more I have actually significantly reduced the amount.t of time I spend on here and posts I make because it seems like Sooooo many threads like that. I had been wanting to a post like this but didn't.

Couldn't agree more! When you not ask is usually when something pops up!

I have been a Team Titleist member for three years and have received many "rewards", but I do not understand or appreciate people begging for free items!  Mike and all of TT have taken great care of us all!  What a treat to open the mail and see a new item from Titleist!! Titleist and Footjoy DO NOT need to give products away, the quality stands alone!

I recently purchased 913D2 and AP1s. Both are great!  Did not ask for something free!!!  What's free is  the satisfaction and joy I have using the best equipment in golf!

Thanks Titleist for all you do!  And to all you beggars out there; Go AWAY!!!

It's true, there are a lot of members that only join to get something free. They don't get involved with the posts or contribute to the forums. If I win something great but I don't that's fine too. To be honest - It does make me angry to see people with one or 2 posts winning all the sweepstakes and prizes .........