Well said. I haven't been on TT long and don't post often, but I do get tired of the gimme's. I'm a long time supporter and long time fan. Thanks for saying what most are thinking!
So eBay and Team Titleist are boosting someone's economy. A Team Titleist bag tag just sold for $71. Now, I understand asking for free stuff, but maybe a small accessories store selling balls, tees, ball markers, divot tools, and of course bag tags. I just would rather see our money go back to the team as opposed to an obviously greedy team member selling their stuff. Team Titleist rocks and regardless of any decision I will represent with pride!

Well said, Bill. I agree.

Well Put Bill.  Welcome to generation "Me".  I changed my email preferences months ago to clear up the clutter.  You want Freebies ?  Buy Titleist equip., practice, and empty your buddys wallets in a regular nassau.  Nothing better than someone elses hard earned scratch.

I totally drives me nuts to see every other thread being about how to get a bag tag or a lanyard.  That is great that TT is providing those things, but asking for one by starting a thread is not the way to do it IMHO. 

Agree that these threads (and threads on equipment sponsorship) take up more of my time than I wish.  Would also be nice if some of these folks would try searching existing topcs before posting, since the concierges have given careful answers a multitude of times. 

But then again, if you want something for nothing, why invest your time in finding an answer?

I've found that the more you put into life, the more you typically get out of it.  The same could be said for Team Titleist.  Those that participate, post, and engage usually are rewarded with information and knowledge.  Sometimes, that even includes a random bag tag, lanyard, or sticker showing up in your mail box.