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Connor I.

Hey TT, I am planning on re-gripping all of my clubs and can't decide on which grip I would like. I get really sweaty hands and play in hot dry weather most of the time. What grips do you all use and what is the best grip for moisture management.





I re-grip my clubs every couple of years, I like to check out the "usual" web sites (any major brand ... Golf Pride etc.).  They offer a lot of information about proper gripping from size of your hand, firmness of your grip etc.  If you don't see the answer you are looking for, they are also very good at answering email questions, it sometimes takes a day or three, but they have always been very helpful to me.

Hope that helps :)

Skylar T

I use golf pride multicompounds which I like a lot.  I think anything with cord in it is good for moisture management.  Some people don't like cord because it rips their hands up so it probably wouldn't be great if you have really soft hands.  I would recommend the multicompounds, the golf pride z cord, or the tour velvets with cord in them for moisture management. 

Pete D

I like the Golf Pride New Decade multi-compound grip. Pricey, but worth it. I do my own re-gripping, so I save a bit that way.

Fred C

Good question Connor. Like you, I sweat a lot and the best solution I've found to keep my hands dry is paper towels. I keep a few in my bag and I wipe my hands as needed. Often, I just grips the towel for a moment. Aside from that, I use the Golf Pride Tour Wrap grips as they are very sticky, but also dampen vibration well.

Connor I.

Hey guys I think I am going to get golf pride multi compounds but what do you all think about Winn Dri tacs.



Thomas C

I've never tried the Winn grips but I can testify that the New Decade Multicomp grips are great in hot, humid weather.  I live in the Caribbean and have never had a club slip, even with a 90+ swing speed.


That is all I use. Not only are they non-latex, for people with latex allergies, but they stay tacky even in the hottest and most humid days. I don't use gloves, and I never had an issue with these slipping.

Connor I.

Thanks Fred C, I will definitely try carrying a few paper towels in my bag.



Dr. Kovatchian

Give the Lamkin Ace 3Gen a try......Excellent feel and tackiness....very easy to keep feeling brand new!!!


Club Champion


I use the Golf Pride Tour Velvet BCT Cord

The Z Grip Patriot Or the Z Grip are pretty interesting as well.



willi b

Has Titelist ever thought of creating a hand warming club? or some type of golf grip which could keep your hands warm during cold and wet or windy days on the golf course?  just an idea? what does everyone think about this topic?  anyone have any titleist corporate contact or someone who could help create such an idea ? i love titleist and alway will golf with titleist clubs thanx and hope to hear some feedback !! 

Fred C

Connor I.

Thanks Fred C, I will definitely try carrying a few paper towels in my bag.



You're welcome Connor. I failed to mention that advice came from a tour caddie. It seems that's a popular trick the pros use.

Dan C

I play in similar conditions and have tried all kinds of grips such as tour wraps and multicompounds and found the best for moisture management in hot summers are full cord grips, I prefer the lamkin crossline full cord or the golf pride tour velvet bct full cord (I don't have many options bc I use a midsize) but if you don't use a midsize I would suggest the golf pride z cord, I like how they feel and look to!

Hope I helped!

Dan C.

Bill L

I guess I am old fashioned, I still use the Tour Velvet.