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Eric R

Hey guys, I was just wondering what everyone's opinions are on the different staff bag sizes.  I am in between getting the midsize staff or the regular 9.5".  Has anyone had any trouble fitting the larger one in carts or found it too bulky?  Also, if anyone had dimensions on both bags that would be great.  Any input would be appreciated.



Ron M.

I use the midsize bag and it fits fine on carts....It is a great looking bag with all the room you will need...I still have 2 pockets empty...


I use the midsize bag on both a regular cart and my push cart.  Works great on both.

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Chris P

I use the midsize any time I don't carry.  It fits well on my SunMountain puch cart and a great fit for driving carts.  Lots of room as well.


Jim A

My kids gave me the Lightweight Cart Bag for Fathers day and it is awesome.  Bags have changed some in recent years and this bag has it all.  Great looks, very functional, and light.  My old bag was over twice as heavy as this new bag and all of the same items are inside of it.  Lots of pockets and easy club placement and removal. 

I have looked at all the cart bags and I would highly recommend you give the Lightweight Cart Bag a good look.

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David Browning

I use the big bag, lol. I carry everything. Of course, my sticks. Alignment sticks. Raincover. Towels. Umbrella. Wind jacket. Full rain suit. Shoes. Socks. First-Aid kit. Snacks/water. Extra gloves. Extra sleeve of Pro V's. Tees. Ball markers. Notepad/pen. Sharpies. Watch. Keys. I'm sure there's more that I'm forgetting. Anyways, when I don't have a caddy and I'm using a cart somewhere, I can even fit my Staff bag on there just fine. A little sideways, but it fits. A lot of customers tell me that the Mid-Size bag is perfect for them. Lighter. Easily fits on to carts, push carts and has enough pockets for normal use. 


I know this isn't what you asked, but honestly I prefer the carry bags over any staff bag. They fit into carts fine and if you get a bigger one you can fit a lot of stuff into it. 

Eric B

I use my 2008 midsize staff bag only for riding cart. Like the extra room for gatorades and rain gear if needed.  
Eric B in O.C.
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Luke W

i also use the midsize bag. the 2012 edition i actually think it is nicer then the 2013 edition. and it has tons of room i dont have anywhere near full. Fits on most carts just fine a few carts it has been a little tight to get the strap around but always fit. Take a look at a golfsmith or pga superstore before buying one though to compare the quality and look and feel of the 2012/2013 models

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Eric R

Thanks for all the responses. My pro just called me and he went ahead and ordered the midsize staff bag with my name embroidered on it. Should have it in 3-4 weeks. 

Mark B

I like a bag big, so I can carry everything I own, I might need something!

mark w

Eric R

Thanks for all the responses. My pro just called me and he went ahead and ordered the midsize staff bag with my name embroidered on it. Should have it in 3-4 weeks. 


Nice touch having your name embroidered on it. I have the midsize it is perfect for me.

Ben M

If I had my druthers, I'd get the midsize staff bag.  Plenty of room and fits perfectly on a motorized cart.  I think the full sized bags will fit on the back of cart, but just a little awkwardly.  

Mike C

I have a full size staff bag that I use sometimes (usually use a stand bag to carry the clubs).  the full size fits on the back of a cart just fine.  They usually load it backwards so the front faces out.  This is kind of cool because, if you have custom embroidery on the front, it gets displayed nicely to everybody behind you.

Jim A

Congratulations on your purchase.  I have had a few Titleist bags and they all have performed very well.  As I posted earlier, I have the new Lightweight cart bag and I love it.