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Nunzio D

Hi TT,
I've been playing the 910 D3 for awhile now, and Id like to know how to clear the scratches off the top of the crown. Is there a polish or anything of that nature that I can use? The scratches aren't terribly deep, but there are a lot. Thanks a lot!

Calvin N

  • Try non abrasive car polish.  Rub hard on the scratches.  Good luck. 

Nunzio D

Thanks! I'll give that a shot today

Duane J

I use Ice from Turtle Wax.  It works great.

Eric B

I also use car wax to polish the crowns of my 910 woods. Mother's wax is my choice.

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Chris P

Turlte Wax is what I have used for years.  Good luck

Dallin H

I just picked up a used 910F not too long ago. It has a few scratches on it, so thanks for everyone's input on this thread. I cant wait to apply some car wax and get it looking as good as new.