A question about etiquette.

Where are the course rangers?  They should be out there and visible to keep the pace of play moving.  If you are frustrated with the pace, you could always ask them what is causing the delay - they should be able to help get you through, or move the other group(s) along.

The answer really depends upon the groups ahead and whether you are out of position or not.  If it is early in the morning, and there are scattered groups ahead of me, we would let anybody play through (regardless of group size) if they were pushing us.  Likewise, if it were in the middle of the day and there was a couple of open positions in front of us, we would let a faster group play through.  However, if there was not an opening in the course, we would not waive the other group through because there would be nowhere for them to go.  Likewise, I would not expect somebody to waive me through unless there was an appropriate opening if front of them.

I love playing by myself, most of the time I go out alone. I usually try and plan my rounds at times that are not busy, or I will get a tee time for the back nine early in the morning on a weekend. I try to be nice about pace of play, and will keep my distance when I catch up on a group in front. Most of the time they'll let me play through but unfortunately as a single I get a lot of very nasty attitudes as well, especially when the group behind ME catches up and I just can't speed up because the group in front of me is slow. It happens quite regularly that some dude behind thinks it is really funny to 'nudge me along' by hitting into the green while I putt. 

Fortunately most people are quite nice about it, and when they don't let me play through, I play a two ball scramble with myself, and take extra chips around the green to pass the time, of course clearing the green when the group behind me catches up.

i used to get upset when those nasty things happen but I decided you can't make ppl do what they don't want to do, and I try not to let other guys dictate how I feel. Don't let it affect you, enjoy being out there. It's not worth the headache to get upset about it.

Rangers?  It seems that they are so happy to have a paying customer nowadays, that they don't want to push anybody along.  Sure they don't alienate the pokey group, but they do tick off everyone behind them by failing to prod when warranted.