TT fantasy football bump!!

Alright people, only 4 are signed up!!  Get a move on!    I think we are going to merge with the FJ community as well so we should have a good sized league.

Password is :  prov1

Come on people!!

Count me in... "The Birdie Train" is ready to leave the station. Training camp starts next week!

Finally broke the code to register!!!!

Hoosier Football Daddy on the tee!!!

Dr. K

Im in!

I'm interested in this too!

I'm in. Make birdies!

I'm in!

Only need 2 more teams!   Anyone thats already in the league have any suggestions on rules, points, etc let me know!

I prefer standard format, non PPR league, but that's just my opinion. I'm open for whatever the group decides on.

I'm in.  Looking forward to it.

Any chance we could move the draft off of Saturday, Aug 31?  Too much college football going on that day.

Mike- could we get some Team Titleist swag as a prize for the winner?

Looks like I barely made the cut to fill the 12th spot!

Fantastic Flop is in!

Nice. We have a league!

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

Nice. We have a league!


Yes we do, very nice!!     And Kevin, no problem.   Draft has been moved to Sunday the first for all who would like to know. 

I have decided to move the draft to Aug 24th.   That will give us a little more time to mess around with our lineup, free agents, etc...   Any objections let me know soon!