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Putter well in Cart Bag


Looking to get a cart bag but want to be sure my putter will fit in the putter well.  I have a SuperStroke 3.0 grip on my putter.  Will that fit?

If it doesn't probably go with 1 14-way stand bag.  Does any know what the top opening size difference is between the Lightweight and Premium 14-way bags?


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  1. Todd T

    Could head to Home Depot and make your own!

  2. memphisunited

    That is one big grip.  You could just duct tape it to your cart bag or use velcro :)  

    JUST KIDDING with you.

  3. Jim L

    I have a 3.0 on my S.C. and have no problem with the putter well in my light weight cart bag. It's a great bag you will love it!!

  4. masamitsu

    Does anyone know if a SS 5.0 will fit.  Just changed grips on my Newport 2.

  5. Jim A

    I placed an oversize WINN grip on mine and it fits in my lightweight cart bag, but there are times when the bag has to be pulled slightly for the putter to be removed easily.

    Hope this helps.

  6. Thomas C


    Does anyone know if a SS 5.0 will fit.  Just changed grips on my Newport 2.

    I have teh SS 5.0 and it constantly hangs up on my 2012 Titleist Cart bag putter well.  Not on the plastic entrance but on something deeper in the bag.  I have to grab the putter head and angle the putter so that the grip slides against the outside of the bag and wiggle it. I just bought a SS 3.0 and I'm hoping that it will do better/not hang up.  It is my only complaint about the bag.

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