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Hey TT, Looking to get a custom putter cover for my scotty cameron. I served 8 yrs in the Marines and 2 combat tours in Iraq. I would like to have one designed and made to commerate that time in my life. Any Ideas to have this done? Thanks
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David Browning

First off, thank you for your service. It means a lot to me. 

Unfortunately, Scotty doesn't make custom covers for the general public. I've seen a few covers with Military logos on them. However, if you do a search online for "custom putter covers", you'll find more than one place that can make you that special one for you. 

Keep us UTD with everything. If you get a custom cover, I'd love to see it! Take care.

Todd T

The minimum order is 36 putter/cover now!
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AM&E will let you design your own cover. They will even do quantities of 1!


Thanks guys for the info. @19hole I called AM&E and the said I have to go through a club. But I did find Delilah at Looks like she does good work, and told me she would email me a proof. Cant wait to see it. Ill post pics as soon as I get it. Thanks again guys.


I can highly recommend Delilah.  I've had a couple of covers done by her and her work is fabulous!  You won't be disappointed.


My wife likes to crochet, so all my covers are custom made by her ... My driver is our "Puganeze", my 1 Wood is a Walrus my sister bought for me in the 80's (yes, Wally the 1 wood is an actual wood), my 3 wood is a Fox-like cover, my 5 wood is a Bull-dog and my putter cover looks like Snoopy :)

dave p

I can't offer any advice on custom covers, but I did want to say THANK YOU for your sacrifice and service!


Thanks dave p, I greatly appreciate it. Thanks for the input everyone. I contacted delilah and was told it will be 12 weeks for a proof. I guess they are really backed up. When I get the proof ill post it on here. Thanks again guys.