Just when you think you've seen it all in this game ...

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Who says the Golf Gods don't have a sense of humor?  

My 2nd shot in a two day tournament this weekend was me hitting another players golf ball, my bad - 2 stroke penalty.  

Two less on my score would have put me in the "Championship Flight".  I was leading the "1st Flight" Sunday morning and thankfully played well enough to win that flight - I won a $100 gift certificate (yay me)!  The funny thing is, if I had advanced to the Championship Flight I would have missed the prize money by 1 place.  :)

Golf is a wonderful game  lol

Chris S

Good one Paul! Golf is a Wonderful game. Congrats on you're prize!

 Chris S


Thanks Chris,

I got my certificate today and it got me a new pair of M Project Shoes and a 16 oz. Bud after my round :)

Not bad for playing 2 rounds of tournament golf at 2 courses!