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Richard C

I am just a hacker, but I recently acquired a T driver with a stiff flex, really just because my wife is from Fairhaven!  Frankly the brand is beyond my budget and  I had always been told that it was for low handicap golfers, and certainly not for someone over 50.  Well I am here to say that is bunk.  I have played 4 times with it.  I have never hit my drives longer, straighter, or with more consistency.   On average I have added 30 yards.   Five years ago I was given a Vokey wedge and it is my favorite club. Now I have 2 Titleists.  They simply give me confidence.

Ron M.

Titleist breed's Confidence....Your confidence will lower your HC....Get your hand's on some AP2's and fly,fly,fly....

Todd T

Welcome to the Winner's side!!