Confessions of a Titleist-a-holic....

I feel the same.  

I also have a confession to make, I am not just a titleist a holic I am a golf a holic. All I think about is how I can go lower. Titleist has been very helpful with that. This whole thing started in the spring of 2012 when I picked up my first club. I was a division 1 baseball player in college and feared golf would mess with my swing so I waited until I was done to go to a much more difficult game. I started out with TM burner 2.0 but hated the big clunky heads from the get go. I hit Ap2s one time at a demo and I was sold. This opened up Pandora's box. I soon after bought a 910 d3 then decided I needed a 910 fd 3 wood. Then dropped the bomb on ap2s followed by a set up of vokeys. Then I drooled at Scotty Cameron's. which I now own two. Good thing my gf has no clue how much this stuff costs. I refuse to play with any ball but pro v1 or prov1x. Oh did I mention the unnecessary titleist staff bag? My friends make fun of me so much calling me a "titleist rep", but I have the last laugh when I have been playing a year and a half and I have a 7 handicap and have shot par once and they are stuck in the 80s. I agree with everyone and wished FJ would make a better appeal product. swoosh steals my money in that category. I practice and practice and practice. Titleist may just break my wallet but I love it and can't wait to continue my love affair with titleist and cheers to lower scores.


This coming Spring there is some great designs and colors.  FJ is doing a great job of balancing younger and classic designs.  They keep getting better every year so keep your eyes out.