New colors available for the sports mesh style hat?

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Corey M

Team Titleist,

I recently saw a great bright green sports mesh fitted hat at a sporting goods store. The other colors available were yellow, orange and bright red. They did not have my size l/xl when I returned to purchase the hat. The associate told me he believed this was a limited offer from their rep. Since I have a wanted this non existent hat for years now, I would love to know how I could track this down and acquire it for my collection.

Best Regards,


Team Titleist Staff

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

Hi Corey,

I heard back from our accessories team and unfortunately we are not able to track down the inventory for you. However, you may want to ask someone at the store to see if they have the size/color combo you are looking for at another location. If so, they may be able to have the hat shipped to you or transferred to the local store.

We hope this helps.




This is the Titleist site...not Puma.

Just joking.  Good luck tracking some down.


I thought that was a Europe offering?