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A buddy of mine, who knows I'm a titleist fan, recently gave me a metal Titleist ball marker.  He said he found it somewhere.  As far as I can find it came with one of a magnetic hats. However, this got me to thinking.  Why doesn't Titleist release these ball markers for general sale?


Club Champion

Steve H


There are a few out there that come like this.  This is a treasure of mine that I have had for some time. I bring it out when I play in tournaments to show my pride with TT.  Don't think they are available to the general public.  I got mine as a gift from a Club Professional who knew the meaning it had for me.  Good luck in your searches....

Paul T

That's LEGIT, sir! Hope it brings you good luck in your tourneys! I have a Pebble Beach double marker I use in my tournaments. 


This is exactly what my buddy gave me.  I tried to find them but haven't had much luck so far.  However, I did find some nice new ball markers on a japanese golf website.  

tyler s

I use a Eisenhower dollar coin the bigger the better

Christian G

Check out ebay.  I've seen a few of these on there from time to time.  

chris m

It would be very cool if a Titleist would make a distinctive ball marker that was only available for TT members. And offer only one per person. That would be nice.

Christopher T

I got a nice two sided Titleist ball marker when I won a holiday drawing a few years ago.  It says Titleist on one side and PRO V1 on the other.  Was a nice piece to get in a box full of goodies from Team Titleist.  Probably the only thing I kept for myself other than the autographed hats and a bumper sticker. 

Christian G

A marker with the TT logo would be pretty cool.  

Fred C

Christian G

A marker with the TT logo would be pretty cool.  

That would be VERY cool. Hmmm, I wonder what the chances of that coming out at the TT events that are upcoming?