Scorecard/yardage book holders

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Edward G

I meant to put this under General Discussions.  I've got an old Titleist scorecard/yardage book holder that is falling apart and on its last legs.  I've looked on eBay and the pro shopes, but I can't seem to find one anywheres.  Do you guys still make these anymore?

Paul T

I was JUST thinking about this. How awesome would it be to have TT scorecard/yardage book holder? Or Titleist. 


There are so many different companies selling these it is amazing, I realize it may not have a titleist logo but tin box partners is my favorite...

Fred C

That would be a neat accessory. I've been using a cheap cover and would love to be able to buy a quality holder with a Titleist logo or TT logo.


I just picked up a really nice leather scorecard/yardage book holder from the Vokey website!! Tour size with good loops for notebook or scorecards, quality leather with the Vokey and Titleist logos. I know it sold out quickly but you might try to find one online?

John C

I made my own, started out because I was too cheap to pay $150 plus for one with customization how i wanted. Then I made some for a few friends and now I have an etsy shop. Check out some of my stuff.