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Sylvester S

Is Titleist going to come out with more flat bill fitted hat?  I cant find it anywhere anymore.  I had one in the XL size its faded and beat up now and would like a new one?  Where can I find them?  Everywhere online only sells the small sizes?     Please advise.

Dallin H

I sure hope not. I'm not a fan of the flat bill look.

Sylvester S

good opinion Dallin.  you probably dont like right wearing a flat bill hat anyhow. 

Mike C

Personally not my style either, but Vokey released a cap that is still available on their website with the flat bill.


Certified Titleist Fitting Professional


While I don't like them,  Titleist does offer them. You may need to have your local dealer order them for you. 

Ethan J

There are more colors coming out in November. Take a look http://media.titleist.com/images/titleist/pdfs/US/2014/2014_Accessories_Catalog_Final/files/mobile/index.html#28 If the link doesn't work they are in the 2014 catalog

Christian G

To each his own, but I find it frustrating that all the cool hats these days ONLY seem to come flat brimmed.  It's fine if you're a 16 year old Rickie Fowler fan, but it just doesn't look right on a 30+ year old golfer.   Just stop by your local Lidz store and you'll see what I mean.  

Paul T

DAMN! People hating on the flat brimmed. I love 'em as well. I wish they would do pro fit, instead of flex fit though.