Anyone interested in getting together for a Midwest event next year?

Mid June works for me.   The course doesnt really matter, I am up for anywhere.   I will call the pro at Deere and see what we can work out.   He is a Titleist player as well so he might even want to join.  

Hi Guys! Keep me posted on the Midwest outing. I grew up in Ill. I go back for a visit every year in June. My course out in Az is going to be renovated this summer. So I would love to play!!
Just sent you a message about when we are going to have this Team Titleist Midwest Outing! Mid June sounds great. Please let me know if there is anything I need to do on my part. To all you TT people out there including staff, we will get a date together so everyone can RSVP and plan for this. Curtis, I am so excited. I pray that we get a big group together. God Bless all!!!

I'm NW burbs of Chicago and extremely interested.  June is a good month for golf.  Cubs are dead by then, and Hawks will be grabbing another Cup.

Lots of good, inexpensive alternatives in region.   Deere is a great choice.

Let's roll....Literally, at Deere Run, Erin Hills or even Harborside! Perhaps we can get over to Chicago Highlands, one of the new gems of the Midwest! Expecting a lot of snow today, at a brisk pace now! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Deere Run sounds great for June.