Team Titleist Ohio

I am about 30 miles west of cleve.  I am in for an outing, would love to play with fellow Titleist Team members.

Just Sent my request in for the Facebook page. My name is Aaron Eldridge. I'm definitely in for this when it happens.

I do not have a facebook account, but I will continue to watrch this posting for details.  Been itching already to get back out.  Two of my favorites here in the northeast are Little Mountain and Fowler's Mill.

Just getting this near the top.  I know not all that might be interested are on Facebook, so this is there only piece of information.  Right now it seems we are looking at a May 23 date, it's a Friday, which may or may not work on everyone schedule, as I'm sure any day someone won't be available, as we all have jobs, family, and normal life influences.  Course is still open an, hopefully others can chime in on a course.  I am taking a vacation day that day to play and hopefully spend a bit of time afterwards relaxing, bs'ing, and whatever.  Like everyone else, I'm awaiting the weather to break enough to get out an play a few rounds.  My two youngest kids start golf practice the last week of March.  So, hope it breaks before then, lol. 

I am looking forward to the May 23 (or whatever the final date it) for the initial TT Ohio Event!  Should be a great day!!


I live in cleve but i do not have a Facebook page.  Are we still in for May 23? any new news on the course?