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El Gato

Hello all, I am posing the question how do the "challenges" with the Instagram  #MYTITLEIST work?

Is it the amount of likes the photo gets? Does Titleist just choose their favorite photo?

and what are these awards for winning the challenges?

Moreover, most of the photos posted aren't even tagged with the hash-tag #MYTITLEIST.

Has any body on here won a challenge? I would love to know how this works.


El Gato

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Hello El Gato!

Great question, check out the link for details:


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Chris P

I have posted several pics on Instagram and tagged them with #MyTitleist and #Titileist but they don't show anywhere on the My Titleist page.  Only the 3 that were posted directly to the page appear.  Any ideas as to why that is?



most of mine pictures seem to show up.  i don't always look to make sure, but when i have looked, they were there.  haven't won anything, but i don't take the pictures with that in mind.  i just want to try to take a "cool golf picture."