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I support the idea and while i might from time to time post something about where i live i would prefer to keep my locations private for the time being do to the nature of my work. in the future i would be willing to have my location publicized but currently. but yes great idea. i would just ask that there be an option to keep it private for those who wish it.

cheers greens and fairways simba

I have set-up a Team Titleist Texas Facebook Group for anyone located in Texas and/or the surrounding areas for a similar reason. Thought it would be easier to get groups together for small events or just finding some weekend golfing buddies. If your located in Texas and would like to join in, let me know.


Is it possible to start a TT member location list or map?  Might make it easier for Team Titleist outings to happen if we knew what members are in the area in question.  Not sure how to get this done on this forum if it's even possible.  We do have one on the FJ site for Ambassador level posters.

Thoughts on the subject?


Hi Team,

Just a quick update. We have the green light to make some changes to our member search functionality, so you'll be able to search for other members by state and/or zip proximity in the near future. We'll keep everyone posted as the update is released.

In addition, we are also looking at possibly adding a whole new section to the boards that would allow for "Regional Discussions" and provide a place for you to connect with other Team Titleist members in your general area or a specific region/country.

As always, keep the feedback coming and we'll do what we can on our end.


- Mike

Great news Mike.  Look forward to seeing the improvements to the forums.

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Those are some great ideas Mike.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for pushing this through! Much appreciated.

That's great news.  Always looking to play with more Titleist fanatics.  If anyone is in the Memphis area and looking to play, let me know.

Thanks for the update Mike, that's great news!  Thanks for listening and working to make this happen.

That's great news. I look forward to meeting more of the TT guys/gals here in North Texas.

That is fantastic news Mike.  Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to this and the rest. 

I look forward to the release date.



I think it would be a great idea to get the map up and running. I think the privacy issues could be a simple solution of asking permission on the sign up page to give their location. I would just use city and state or country as that would be all the necessary information.

great news.. thanks 

Great info Mike, will be a great feature when added. 

That would be great.  I'm always looking for new people to get a round in with.

That's excellent Mike! Being able to link up on site is probably the best way for us all to arrange play days and meetings. Thanks for looking into a solution.