Team Titleist Member List

I love the idea!  I am always looking for TT players to play with.  I always take a peek at fellow players bags ya know ... to see what they are playing with.  It also gives me an idea (generally) of how the day is going to go if I get paired up with some hack that is playing with his hand me down set from his grandfather vs a guy who is playing all Titleist clubs (like myself).  Sometimes that comes back to bite me in the a** though ... some guys have a lot of $$ to spend to make themselves "look" good on the course or want the newest and best equipment but they don't have the game to back it up.  That has happened to me more times than I would like to count.  

Bring it on!  I am in the Northern Virginia area and love the game!  IM me if anyone else is out there who has the passion like I do!