Santa came early!

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Greg E

I got to work this morning and had this waiting for me!  A great gift from Mike DaPaolo and Liz Valicenti for participating in the Streamsong (Florida) Team Titleist Invitational back in October.  Thanks Mike!  Thanks Liz!







David K

WOW!!! Awesome gift there Greg. Christmas did come early for you.



Fred C

Very nice. It's almost too nice to use.

Todd T

That's a world class bag, what covers you gonna use?

Chris P

Great looking bag!!

Dan H

Sharp looking bag for sure!!!  Congrats!!!

Curtis M

You have a different santa then I do!!!!   Great looking bag!!! 

Greg E

I will continue to use my knit Titleist headcovers with the pom-poms!  Just haven't gotten around to swapping out bags!




Greg E

Thanks David!  Too bad that it will have to sit under the tree until after Christmas!

Greg E

You're right Fred, it is a SWEET bag.  Will put it in play after Christmas!


Very nice bag.  They sure can do them right.


Dr. Kovatchian

Very Sharp Indeed!

Santa is in Good Spirits this Year!


Dr. K

Brian D

What a great gift to receive from Mike and Liz.  They do Christmas right!!!

Mike C

Sweet looking bag.  It will go perfect with the knot head covers.  Enjoy!


Wow.  that's an incredible looking bag!  And the knit headcovers match perfect.  Enjoy!