San Diego is on the Horizon!

Started by : Steve H |

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Steve H

For all those attending this event....

Fly safe

Drive Safe

Be safe

Hope to see everyone on Thursday the 5th (bright and early).  For those who have made golf plans (most everyone has) keep it in the fairway and most of all.....Have fun.

See you all very very soon!!!

Todd T

Torrey is looking great today, getting ready for Jan tournament!

Chris P

You guys are in for a Great Time.  I was fortunate enough to be part of the Austin, TX outing.  Great people, Great Fun.  I'll be looking forward to seeing some pictures. 



Have fun this week with the Team Titleist crew.  I hope you guys have great weather and an awesome time.


Have fun guys.  As I sit at work in cold PA, I'm even more jealous!  If it's anything like the FJ trips, you'll have a blast.  Make sure someone posts pictures.

Mike C

Nice pictures from Torrey Pines Todd.  Enjoy the event and have fun with the folks from TT.  Be sure to post some pictures from the event!