Just wanted to wish everyone a great holiday season and look forward to "golfing" online with all my Team Titleist partners! Spring will be here soon!!!! THANKS TITLEIST!!!!

I echo your sentiments as well Dave..Happy Holidays to All My Team Titleist  friends and May Us All Have a Joyous and Prsoperous Golfing Season!!

Fight On!!!

Wishing all a wonderful holiday season - and for your best year yet in golf in 2014.

Spring is April 1 "up north" - a littler earlier elsewhere, and it can't get here soon enough.

I want to wish all the TEAM TITLEIST  members and the folks at TITLEIST  a merry christmas and a healthy, happy New Years

Here is to lot's of low scores in the coming new year !!

Thanks Dave, hope all Team Titleist players have a great holiday season this year.  Spring's getting closer every day.

Yeah, thanks Team Titleist.  Best forum anywhere.

I too would like to wish all TT Members and TT Staff a Merry Christmas and Happy New.  One filled with family, friends and good wishes for all.

Wishing all a happy & safe Holiday :-)


Couldnt say it better Thanks Titleist and happy holidays everyone.

Wishes for a Happy Holiday season to all of my fellow members here at Team Titleist and your families!  And here's to wishes for a festive and joyous new year filled with lots of opportunities to tee it up, Titleist style!

Happy Holiday's to the TT Family!