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Titleidt Pro V1x's and I will be sharing them with my son!

Well, Happy Holidays to all my Titleist friends and family. It's been a great year for


I'm a Pro V1x player and the person I would share my Christmas cheer with would be one of my coworkers.  He doesn't make a lot of money but has a heart of gold and loves golf to a fault.  So, he would be my choice. 

Can't thank Titleist enough for being who they are and remembering us little people. 

Good luck all

ProV1X and I will be giving the second to my friend and his wife to share. 

Pro v 1- my grandson

Prov1x and I will be sharing with the most hard core golfer I know..........My Dad!!!!


Will be sharing with my Brother Chris


Have always used titleist products and would love to take these on my winter trip to myrtle beach

Pro V1x is the ball of choice. 

I will share with my buddy Bryce, try to get him back to Titleist.




Pro V1x and I'll be sharing with my golf bud Scott

Pro V1 and I will be sharing with my brother.
Pro V1x and I would share them with my son in law.

Pro V1 - will be sharing with my son, father and grandfather - 4 generations playing with the best ball in golf! 

Prov1s and I share them with my uncle Keith!!

Pro V1x..... and I'll be sharing with my younger brother. Thanks TT!

PROV1x and I will be sharing with my brother. Trying to get him to switch to Titleist like I did!