Sweeps Alert! Share the #1 Gift in Golf Sweepstakes

I play the Pro v1x  - I would Share with my daughter-in-law

Pro V1 To be shared with my wonderful wife...

Pro V1X Will be sharing with my son


Merry Christmas to you and the Family.

Titleist Pro V 1  and I would share with my friend Boz who is the most giving person I have ever met.

Jerry Wood

Pro V1X with my brother Nick



I would select the ProV1 for my oldest son who is turning 12.  I can't think of 12 better reasons than giving him 12 Team Titleist golf balls for his birthday....it would also keep him from stealing my ProV1's.


Happy Holidays, and thanks again for a great TT contest!


ProV1X, and sharing as a gift with my Brother.


Thanks for the opportunity!!

Hi Mike,

I play Pro V1 - and the gift would go to my son, who has gotten into golf big time this year.


Prov1 and I would share them with my husband

ProV1x and I will be giving the other dozen to my son. 

Pro V1x. And I'll be sharing with my buddy Grant.

ProV1x and sharing with my cuz Chris
Pro V1X and I will be sharing with my buddy Matt A

pro v1 sharing with my dad

Pro V1X and i will be sharing with my golf buddy.