San Diego Christmas Gifts

Hi Don,  Impressive....  Very nice practice bay!  Makes me want to go and hit balls :)

It is a very nice option in frozen tundra - it is the one Steve Stricker used to resurrect his game.  It was closed yesterday with a -45 F wind chill.  Probably today as well, even though the wind chill is 25 degrees warmer.



Wishing you the best in St. George for the tourney!

Should be great!

happy 2014!



Played very well in St. George.... Shot a 73,74 for 3rd place in Seniors and 1st in NET.  Won $425.00...Good way to start the year!! Chris, the greens were frozen for the first 9 holes each day, but it was the same for was a pain to work around.  I had so many people come up and ask if I work for Titleist because of the whole setup.  I loved telling them I was a BRAND Ambassador for the greatest Golf Company around!!! Already setting my sights on the next tournament!!!

Nice work, Steve! Not that I'm surprised in the least. :)

Great start to the year and here's to even more success in 2014.



That's awesome, good deal. What course was this at?

I think most of us that attended San Diego and the other TT events appreciated all that Mike, Cathi, Cameron, etc..etc... that you all are doing! Thanks for making this such a great forum to share Titleist experiences on!!

Happy 2014!!

Ryan B

That's awesome, good deal. What course was this at?


It was at Coral Canyon, in Washington Utah.  It was the Coral Canyon Am.  Held every year..... What a blast!!!

Congrats on the tournament Steve.  Great rounds.  Always a nice bonus to come away with something.  Funny that you mention someone asking you if worked for Titleist.  The last tournament that I played in, someone asked me about both Titleist and FootJoy.  I said I didn't work there, but did give them the information about Team Titleist and the FJAs.