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Well, I finally made it.  365 rounds for the year.

But like everything, it came with a price.  Flu twice (Feb and Oct), Cold (March) Knee (June and Nov), elbow (still have pain), both thumbs and both shoulders.  But hey, I'm not complaining!  I'm still swinging.  Nothing compared to having my complete pelvis crushed in a hit and run when I was 20 and was told I would never walk again, let alone play golf or even live.  (I was given the last rites!)

To top it all off, I played my last two rounds today with a complete, brand new set of 14 clubs after being fitted last week.

913 Driver, Fairway and Hybrid.  714 AP2's, 3 new Vokey SM4's, and a brand new dual balance, Futura X.

Thanks to all my friends at Team Titleist for your support this year.

Going to celebrate tomorrow with my mom over Sunday brunch then try to get in another 36 before sunset!

Happy Holidays to all of you and yours!


P.S. The photo still has the wrapper on the clubs I was too excited to take them off!  Ha!

Greg P

You mean you stopped swinging to post?  You still have 8 days left...get back out there!!!!!

Ron M.

Congrats Vern on your 365.... Awesome set-up with new sticks...Enjoy every day like it's your last...Fairways and greens
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Ha!  Thanks, Greg!  Still at it!

Wishing you and yours the greatest holiday season ever!

Best in 2014!


Jim A

Way to go Vern!!   I hope you had a great Christmas and I certainly hope your 2014 is filled with more golf and fun. 


Congrats! 365 is an unbelievable number!! Your golf clubs were probably worn out!! Glad you picked up some new sticks!! LOL


Congrats brother! Wow 365 rounds in a year that's amazing. You are my hero.

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Thanks so much, Phillip!

Hope you're doing well!

Wishing you the greatest 2014!


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Hey, Ron!

Thank you so much!

I can't tell you how much I LOVE the new 714 irons.

I had 913 metals last year at this time, but I bought three new 913's!

Call me crazy!

I am!  I love new Titleist sticks!

Have a great new year Ron!


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Thank you so much!

It was an amazing year!

So much fun.

Wishing you and yours the best for 2014!

Keep me posted!


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Hey Chris!

Yes, they were fairly worn.

Bought an entire new set a year ago after getting fit at TPI in Oceanside.

It was the absolute greatest golfing experience ever.

A local fitter was available at my club a week or so ago and I couldn't resist.

14 new clubs!


Can't wait for the 915 metals and SM5 Vokeys!

Keep up the great work for 2014 and hope to see you at the T.T. event next year!



Congrats fella!!! 365 rounds of golf in a year... that's like hitting the lottery for me!!!! LOL

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You're absolutely right!

It does feel like that.

Wishing you happy 2014 and hit them long and straight!


Dan H

Congrats man that's awesome!!!!  My back is sympathy jealous and hurting just thinking about your 365!!  How do you like the new putter?  That is the last thing that I can't bring myself to switch to is my old mallet putter.  I think this might be the putter to bring me back since I had a Futura Phantom in the past.  Great accomplishment! 

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David Browning

Congrats! You need a little badge or something. Hope you took the plastic off!