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Curtis M

Well the season is over...   I apologize for wooping everyone so bad!!  Just kidding.   Was a fun season, hope we can do it again next year with a couple different people that will pay attention to their line up a little better.   Happy New Year and be safe!!

Dan H

Thanks Curtis it was real fun.  Congrats on the victory!!!  I need to figure out how my highest scoring team ended at 7-6?!!!   I'm going to have to dominate the league next year so I'm already looking forward to fantasy football 2014!!!  haha..... 

Dan aka DB9Boilers

John L

Curtis i know its a year out but count me in. i was kinda absent from the tt web site for a while that's probably why i missed the post about it. Im not a great fantasy football guy but i will keep up with it. just keep me in mind for next year

Cheers greens and fairways to all


Curtis M

Yea that is pretty bad luck Dan!!   Scored the most but also had the most points scored against.   Better luck to you next year, although I am already predicting a back to back champion!  

Dan S

Well we will see ......... I'll be back for sure

Dan S

But, Congratulations Curtis, (and by the way Illinois players took 1st and 2nd place) .......Go Team Titleist Midwest! hahaha

Dan H

Yes congrats Curtis!!!  I am going to come back strong in 2014 season and already looking forward to it.  Golf season is before that so I'm not trying to wish the time away too fast!!!  HaHa!!