What goals, if any, people are setting for the 2014 season ?

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andy r

Mine is to finally get to single digits, have been playing and practicing more no that my kids are getting older so that's is my one goal . Currently an 11.5,  I finally got my self fit this November for a set of AP1 irons so no excuses now   : )

Wishing low scores to all this season !!

Jim A

Great Goal Andy!! Good luck and just believe in yourself. Mine is the same. I am currently at a 13 and would like to make it back to an 8 or better. That was my lowest and prior to my accident. I believe It can be achieved with some hard work in the short game department.


Sounds like a good one Andy.

My goal is to become more consistent, I know what I am capable of, I just need to be more steady.

Don O

Nothing (good) happens without a goal. 

You've definitely put together changes that will help you get there.

My goal is to work on my fitness, play (a lot) more, and seek professional help to straighten out my swing or equipment. Improving consistency to eliminate doubles and triples is going to improve my score.  The snowman is not my friend.

To quote Martin Hall paraphrasing Albert Einstein - "If you keep on doing the same thing, you can expect the same results".

A variation on "Insanity is doing the same test and expecting different results".

Martin M

Break 80. Started playing again 2 years ago, average score was 105. My best round to date is an 82. I'm using this winter to get in golf shape and loose 20 lbs.

Tyson M

To shoot my first round under par. 73 is my personal best so far.

Josh G

I'm trying to shed 3 strokes. I'm a 9.3 now, and most of my friends are in the low 6's or better. My short game works, so I'm focusing on some more distance and consistency off the tee. I'm hitting the range and doing TPI. Hopefully it'll work out. 


With two very young kids at home, I have to realistic about my goals.  I know I'm not going to be able to play/practice more than once maybe twice a week at best.  And there will be a lot of weeks when that won't even happen.  So if I could just be a little more consistent and consistently break 90, I'll be happy.  Last year my low score was an 82 (on a difficult par 73 course) and my high was a 102 (on a very difficult course I'd never played before).  I'd like to know going out that I'm not going to have any (or at least no more than one) really bad hole. 

In reality, if I can go out and enjoy myself every time on the course, I'll consider it a successful year.

Bryan K

So many goals for my golf game this year... Take the #1 Starter spot on my college golf team, win atleast 1 tournament on my college team, win my club's Member-Guest Tournament for the second year in a row, win the club championship, finally have a hole in one story to tell all the other TT Members... just have my best year yet!


I'm also chasing a sub 10 index in 2014. I recently changed my 908D2 driver for a 913D3 and changed up from NXT Tour to Pro V1X and recently broke 80 for the first time. Good luck to Andy R for 2014

Doug W

I finished 2013 with a 9.9 index, so technically a single-digit. My goal for 2014 is to get to a single-digit at my home course, 2 more strokes, 1.2 better index. Time to work!


I'd like to break to break 80. Also get back to at least my 14 Hdcp or better.  And lose about 15lbs. All my best to all for a fun and great year.

James B

My goal this year is to set some goal for this year ... LOL

David C

My goal is to shoot 60's in competition...

Keith M

To improve my fitness this year, and hopefully the game will follow.  I'm going to try and do a lot of the TPI exercises and training.  Ignoring my fitness and just hitting 1,000s of range balls doesn't seem to be working. 

A lesson or ten wouldn't hurt me either.