Winter Weather = Golf Depression

What's worse is when you see sunny skies every day, 80 degree weather right now as I look out on my course, and watch people play when I've been laid up for a serious elbow injury.  Have barely played at all since January 1st.  A few holes, but that's it.  I played 373 rounds last year.  I haven't completed 18 holes yet!

I feel your pain!  And I feel mine worse.

Don't know when I'll get back, but hopefully soon.

Keep the faith!


This winter is nuts...get me out of here

Here in the Denver area, we get plenty of chances to play through the Winter months.  You just need to be ready to play in 40 mph wind and 38 to 45 degree temps.  But hey, you learn quick what to wear and who cares what the end score is, as long as we are playing.  You do have to learn to always land the ball well in front of the green.  When the green is frozen solid, the ball takes a couple of bounces and it will be 20 yards off the back.  Winter golf is tough!

We've been able to play about 4 weekends this season since about mid December, so not too bad.  Haven't played though in 2 weeks now but the snow should be gone by late today and we have tee times for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  Can't wait till tomorrow.  The forecast is for mid 60's and wind gusts up to 50 mph.  Oh well, here we go...

The wife is tired of me swinging clubs in the living room.  But that is the only room with high enough ceilings for me to be able to make full swings without causing some damage!

Spring will be here in no time!

I did get out and play on Saturday.  It was 32 when we started and 42 when we finished.  Wore plenty of FJ layers - including rain gear.  

Temps are supposed to be in the 60s this week.  Crazy weather.

It's also hard to find your balls in a foot of snow. LOL!

Gee!! You must have really short legs or really deep snow !!!!!

I wish you a fast recovery Vern. I know your hurting from injury and not playing. I was going through the winter blues hard a couple of weeks ago. I call up my cousin and asked him if he wanted to get outta here. We made plans over the weekend and were in Myrtle Beach bye wed. The weather was good enough(mid 50's but windy) to get 4 rounds in. My uncle lives in MB and works a Willbrook Plantation. Nothing like free golf and home cooking in MB to break the winter blues. It was just what I needed.
No short legs here, but plenty of snow. We'll be lucky if we are on the course by mid April. So much for global warming!

I have it bad right now. I am sick of cloudy days. I can deal with cold. As long as the sun is shining I am good. Couple of cloudy days and I am ready to go some where sunny.

Courses are still covered in snow here in South Jersey. 

Both! LOL!

Hey, Ron!

Weather in the 80's daily here in Arizona.

Still nursing my injury.

Brand new 714 irons, new Vok wedges, New 913 metals and new dual balance Cameron X.

Dozens of new Pro V's.

But I can't play!!!

Thanks for feeling my pain!


Keep up the great attitude, buddy!


50s and 60s hitting Iowa!!! Hope to be out next weekend!!!

If that bag full of Titleist clubs don't make you feel well, nothing will! LOL! Get well soon. its all fairways and green with those clubs.

Weather improving. Less rain but colder. Still no reason to stay at home. Temperature above zero, so all steam ahead for season starting in April. Reckon I've a shot or two up my sleeve. Problem is, can anyone suggest a cure for  Medal Tee Syndrome ?