Winter Weather = Golf Depression


Hey memphisunited,

I was fearing the same depression was going to hit me when I came back from the TT San Diego outing.

The only good to come out of this constant Arctic Blast seems to be the opportunity to focus one's golf game via the gym with range time limited to once a week. I know swing speed will definitely benefit as well as control during the swing.

The 'off-season' is TPI time, so hook up with a TPI certified pro if you haven't already.


I feel you pain!  It's been the worst winter ever.  I know this because an 87 year old guy at the range told me so.  

Usually you can golf in New England till about mid december and you can tee it back up for St. Paddy's day.  My course closed December 2nd and is aiming for the 23rd of March to open (we're supposed to get snow today, so that might get pushed back).  The little range I frequent is running out of balls because they can't pick in this snow.  I'm freaking out here!  

Our trip to San Diego was great, and yes, I just got back from Hawaii, but I need to golf more than 3 times in 4 months!  I don't think I could make it 1/4 of the year without golf.

The TPI and exercise has been good.  I've lost a bunch of weight, but my sanity is at it's wits end.

This has been the worst winter for golf than I can remember in the last 10 years. I live in central Arkansas and the weather for the most part has been below 50 degrees which is my minimum comfort range. The past two weeks finally have been above my comfort range and today it will get into the 70's but with the warmer temps come thunder storms and 2 to 3 club winds. Before you know it we will be complaining about the heat. The Masters next week will be the beginning of a great year of golf for all of us as old man winter finally goes away.

It's April and there was really only one or two days that I could have possibly played golf.  Hoping this weekend will be warm enough and dry enough to get out.

Fingers crossed, maybe we've turned the corner on winter.  Finally.  Temps in the 70s this week.  Perfect golf weather.

Our weather has been getting better by the day.  A few needed rain storms, but otherwise awesome weather.