Yardage Book

Does anyone know if Titleist makes a yardage book to carry during play?  I missed out on the Vokey release, now I am kicking myself for not picking it up.  Over the past couple years, I have crumpled so many tournement cards or stuck myself with the pencil in my back pocket, I need to upgrade in this area. 

Any help or suggestions are greatly apprecaited!

Thank you,


Contact me Brian - I may be able to help you out on with a Vokey one.


Hi Brian,

 Titleist does not offer a cover.

The most popular places are the leather goods places like Peidmont, Patrick Gibbons, and Illiac to name a few.

 Chris S

Golf galaxy always carries them.
Are the Vokey yardage books available and, if so, what do they cost?


The Vokey ones do look sweet.  I've been kicking myself over missing it as well.

I would buy several Titleist yardage books. I don't want a custom book. I would like it to be black with either the Tileist or TT logo on it. I would think a MSRP of $30-45 would be very reasonable.


Keep simple.

Hi Tyler Do you have access to vokey yardage book

There is a yardage book at the Vokey store now.  I just ordered one.  $55.00 plus tax and handling.  BV wings on one side, and Titleist script on the other.  Leather.

Can't wait.