putter refinishing

Started by : Ken H |

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Ken H

My first putter when I started playing was a Titleist Dead Center model, and I still have it.

Is it possible to send it to Titleist and have it refinished and painted to look like new?

Mitchell C


If you go to the Scottycameron.com website, they do putter refinishing at their custom shop.  You can add custom modifications to the putter as well if you'd like.  I've done this with a few of my scotty cameron putters, and have even sent off some older model titleist putters and they have came back beautiful and extremely well done.   I recommend you checking this option out.  


Ken H

Thanks Mitchell!!!

Lance R

If you want other options than just scotty cameron site that actually has more customizing options you can use putter lounge or customshop 911 on facebook does a great job. i used them for my Red X2 and it came out great.