New convert

Got fitted for some 714 AP2s this week. I was playing with TM irons. Can't wait for them to come in.

Congrats William.  Looking forward to teeing it up with you and seeing the transformation!!



Congratulations on your new AP2 purchase!  I'm sure you will love the clubs once they come in.  They will be worth the wait once they arrive.  I switched over to the AP2s three generations ago and it is one of the best moves I ever made. 

Congrats on leaving the dark side!    I have played Titleist since 08 and will never change.   Your going to love your new irons!

 And they've arrived!

KBS Tour-V Stiffs.

After playing Titleist clubs all my life. Mmm, I did play with a Mashie Niblick once when I was seven but I didn't know any better. I am still hitting with AP1's and just purchased a new set of 712's. I have looked at the AP2's and you have given me pause for thought...I think you made a great choice and they are a better player club.

William P

 And they've arrived!

KBS Tour-V Stiffs.

Wow.  Lucky!!!!

Very Nice indeed!!