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Thoughts on swing thoughts?

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager Team Titleist Staff

I've bounced through a lot of swing thoughts and it is safe to say, way too many of them. I know the best swing thought is to not have a swing thought, but I have found visualizing the best shot I've ever hit with the club that I have in my hand just before taking the club back has yielded some solid results.

So the question is, what is working for you right now or what has worked well for you in the past?

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  1. Chris S

    Good question Mike.  I have found over the years that I am a very visual player so I visualize the ball landing in the fairways, landing on the green, going in the hole. All with flight or roll that I am looking for. My thoughts are... Nice and easy, right in the fairway. Right on the green and right in the hole. 

    I try to keep it simple or Nice and Easy and try not to over complicate anything on the golf course. 

     Chris S

  2. Mike C

    As you state, the best thought is no thought at all, just do what comes natural.  This is all good and well in theory, but pretty difficult to do, especially for us amateur players and even harder where it is a pressure situation.

    What I try to do, especially in pressure situations, is to visualize a similar shot I have executed in a pressure situation.  Whether it was a critical time in a match, or a shot I need to make so card a certain score, I go back to these experiences to draw upon.  My brain thinks "I did it then and I can do it now" and I can relax and go into auto-pilot.  I also try to focus on a single dimple on the ball as I am addressing it and stay on that dimple until the ball is gone.  I have found this helps to block out other thoughts I could have that tend to sway my focus.

  3. Scott

    Just focus on the target, you already know how to swing, just focus on the target, nothing else but the target.
  4. Tim Tiger

    It's all in the hips, It's all in the hips.


  5. 19hole


    You need to channel Roy McAvoy.....

    Romeo: Your brain is getting in the way..

    Roy: That's hardly ever been the case...

  6. Dylan B

    I've never had any swing thoughts I know what I have to do and I do it. No visualizing or anything like that

  7. nucjg695

    For me, swing thoughts are exactly like my swing - nothing seems to last forever and seemingly changes by the day.  I just hope to figure something out by the 3rd hole and stick with it through the day.  A psychologist would have a field day with me.


  8. Ron M.

    Swing thoughts should be left at the range. The most important swing thought I have at the range is when my shoulder hits my chin its time to deliver. During a round I try only to swing through to a target...
  9. Doug E

    I have three general thoughts (plus a million or so others that I try to save for the range). I am considering having my three thoughts printed on my new personalized PROv1x balls---the special, buy three dozen, get a 4th dozen free deal. They are, in order:

    Take Dead Aim

    Tempo Tempo Tempo

    Solid Finish 

  10. KL

    I agree with keeping it simple! My focus, after checking stance, ball position and alignment, is: 1. Relax, especially arms and grip 2. Tempo; I swing to a phrase I repeat in my mind to maintain tempo and a pause at the top 3. For bunker shots, I visualize the slo-mo shot I see on TV with the pros.
  11. joe t

    My best shots come when I'm "in the Zone". That is to say, not thinking about the swing mechanics, just what the shot will look like and what swing will produce that shot. Then get over the ball and swing. Easier said then done, and it only seems to happen when I'm in the zone, so to speak.
  12. orson m

    I have the same issue, working on swing changes, so i have struggled on the golf course, with over thinking. Got a great tip, Focus on a routine, mine is three steps to the ball two looks and swing the club. I tried it today and shot 80, I think i will  stick with it

  13. Craig F

    Take dead aim - kuddos to the late Harvey Penick! I have a great personal story about meeting him if anyone wants to hear it.

  14. Nick P

    Once I know my yardage and get aligned, I can almost always tell if I'm going to hit a good shot by the time I get halfway back.  So for me, I focus on a smooth, SLOW takeaway.   I just visualize the club head and getting it on plane.  After that, fire away!

  15. james w

    I have been working on slow takeaway so not to move my head( I sway) and slow to hit the ball

    when you hit the ball solid it flies better, I am still going to try your though and see how it goes.

    James team titleist

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