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So, it has been a long winter here in the North-East but there seems to be signs of Spring setting in, finally.

But, this 'off' season has not been a waste - I've managed to convince a colleague to trust only Titleist clubs and balls. I have to admit, this was quite easy since the leaderboards to every tournament are always filled with Titleist Staff and we frequently discuss the weekly tournament leaderboard on Monday mornings.

He is now the proud owner of some used-but-loved CB 695's and 906 metals. I have donated all my unused Velocity's from 2 years ago for his first round in a month's time.

Another happy loyalist. I have to get him on TT soon.

Team Titleist Staff

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

Very cool. Keep us posted on his journey!

Edward K

I work hard on converting ALL of my friends. I'm 50% there, and won't stop. I have nothing but Titleist/Foot Joy in my bag..........