What's the best shot you've ever hit?

Great question... There are two shots that definitely stand out for me but the one that edges out the other has to be a bunker shot I hit way back in high school. 

It was the final match of the season for us and I was playing the final hole of the day. I didn't know it at the time but we were all square with the other team and I needed to win the hole and my match for us to take the team win.

Well, I hit a good tee shot but put my approach in a greenside bunker. I still had no idea where the overall match stood but I knew I had some work to do. So I went through my routine... I surveyed the green, looked at my lie in the bunker, visualized the shot and stepped in.

I blasted out of the bunker and I immediately knew I hit a good shot. I didn't leave myself a tap in and the putt was definitely a knee-knocker, but I executed the bunker shot as I pictured and gave myself a shot to win. I sank the putt, our team won the match and we ended up taking home a share of the conference title.

The best part, my dad was there to see me make the shot.

My best shots both happened last year.

The first was when I made my first hole-in-one during our Club Championship.

The second was when I calmly rolled in a 8 footer for par to clinch the celebrated "3 point" match at the Team Titleist event at Wolf Dancer. I know that my partner T. Tiger was counting on me and I delivered. More than making the putt, the day was special and it was great spending it with likes of T. Tiger, memphisunited and Mike D. from Titleist.

This was definitely a day to remember.

Hopefully I haven't hit it yet!

 Chris S

I've had a couple of eagles on par 4's with excellent fairway shots and two holes in one, but the shot that sticks in my mind was a 4 hybrid second on a par 5 to approximately one inch, just short of the albatross.  My drive had been relatively good and I had about 180 to the pin.  The shot never left the flag the whole way, took a couple of bounces, and rolled up just short of the hole.  I've been on that green in two a few times (and had my share of double bogies and worse on it, as well), but that's the closest I've ever come to an albatross.

That's awesome!!..That's why we play, for those moments!!

Myself and three friends played for our second time this spring at New England Country Club a few days ago. Fast forward, on the 9th t(only played 9) were all tied up at 2-over  going into the last hole. Par 5 slight dogleg left uphill with a tight driver landing area, about 15 yards wide. My First friend blocks his right OB so he's out of the hole. Im in the left side of the fairway and my other friend is in the right rough. Both chose to hit three woods from 260 and if we caught them solidly with a little draw we could get them there. Anyway, he hooks his into the trees on the left, and then i do the same thing after him. His ball hits  tree and  bounces back  90 yards away with a branch his only obstacle to get around, not a hard shot. Mine was 20 yards into the trees, 60 yards from the hole. I had an opening to the left side of the green and  if i hit a low punch with an eight iron i could get on the left side of the green with a 30 foot putt left.  My friend misses his wedge shot just right of the green in the rough. I hit a low 8 iron punch perfectly, caught a good bounce to the right rolling right past the pin with  7 feet left. He got up and down for par and i sunk the birdie put to deiced who would pay for the all import post round french fires. Great match so early in the season. 

I was 5 strokes down going into hole 15. I laid up to the water off the tee and had 185 yards to the pin. I took my Titleist 4 hybrid and knocked in the hole for an eagle, after that shot on hole 15 I was only down 2.  At the end of 18 I had a 1 stroke win.  That shot was more awarding then the 6 hole in one's that I have had.

Second shot, 6 iron 185 on a par 5 went in after a bounce for an albatross. Ranger close by remarked that it was a lucky shot  i told him that after about 25 years of playing it was about time one of the went in. I put the ball out of play and it is a remainder that good things happens eventually. I hope I do not have to wait another 25. 

A 67 foot putt on the 18th for a birdie to close out a disaster of a tournament! The birdie saved me from finishing in last place!

There were eagles, 300 yard drives for great prizes, hole outs etc....but the best shot was... A few years ago, playing in my golf league, we were on the 3rd hole. A short par 3. Now, we play match play, I won the 1st with a bogey, won the 2nd with a par, and my opponent says to me on the tee of the 3rd, that I would need a birdie to win this hole. I was playing 1st and proceeded to get a hole in one! Perfect wedge to behind the hole and drew it back in! The best part was seeing the life drain from his face, the worse part was knowing that a steep bar tab was coming! I beat him 5 and 4.

Long ago, I had been playing for a few years but never real good.  Maybe in the mid to high 80s.  We went to a 9 hole course we did not play very often and they had one very unusual hole.  A 522 yard par 5 that was approximately 280 yards down hill to a flat area that was maybe 20 yards and then straight back up hill severely.  Not a wide fairway but I hit probably the best drive I had ever hit and it not only got to the flat bottom but rolled to within a foot or so of starting back up the hill.  It was so close that I decided to hit my most lofted wood, a 4 wood and was shocked at how well I hit it and it was going straight at the pin and I told my playing partner, that may be near the green.  Well, it had ended up about 4 to 5 feet short of the pin.  I had never had an eagle and probably not very many birdies so I nervously hit the putt well enough to go in the hole.  I have played probably 40 years since then, had 5 hole in ones, a few eagles on par 4s but don't ever remember hitting a better shot than that 4 wood!

600 yard Par 5 at Fairlawn CC in Akron, Ohio. Hit a 252 yd. 3-wood into the hole from the right first cut for a double eagle. Shot was made during a club tournament at FCC. Tim Edwards AKRON. ohio

Well I've been very lucky.  I have two hole-in-one shots and they came within 6 months of each other but that was nearly 30 years ago.  But the best shot, actually two shots, are the two double eagles (Albatross) I have had on my home course.  One was on the par 5, 520 yd. 9th hole when my 5-wood second shot went in the hole from 220 yds, and the other was on the shorter 500 yd., par 5, 4th hole when I holed a 21* hybrid from about 210 yds.    Now that I think of it, perhaps the best shot I have ever hit was a par putt last month to shoot 65 on my home course, par 71, and beat my age by 3 shots.  Not bad for an old guy.

The best shot I have ever hit came at bay hill on # 16. I played the week after the tournament so the grandstands were still up. I hit my drive right and it bounced off the grand stands and I was in the right trees about 200 yds out. I had to hit a slice through about a ten foot gap to get anywhere near the green. I hit the shot flush and ended up in the right green side bunker where I got up and down for birdie. Unfortunately Arnie didn't see this shot but he did watch me play 18. 

Hole 7 Pebble Beach. My drive went out toward the aiming rock, uphill, in the fairway, and made a direct right hand turn toward the cliff. As I walked off to find my ball, everybody in my foursome kept walking toward their balls, thinking I was dead. I found my ball with a good lie, 1 foot from the cliff's edge and Pacific Ocean. I took out my 3 wood and caught it flush. 230 yards, downhill, over two separate gorges, a sand trap, ten feet right of the cup. I missed the putt and tapped in for par. Because of where I was (my first and only time at Pebble), I will always remember it. I carry an aerial view of the hole on my iPhone, just in case I have to tell my story to someone somewhere!!