What's the best shot you've ever hit?

Last Thursday. 168 yard par 3. Water from tee to green. Wind right to left across about 15 mph. 6 iron slight cut held into wind landed 6 inches left of hole and rolled 5 inches right. When I got to green 1/4 of ball was over hole. Titleist AP1 6I and NXT Tour S.

Have had more difficult shots but this one just looked perfect from address to tap in.

The best shots I've ever hit were on the 220 yd. 7th hole at NAS Jacksonville, Fl course. For 7 days in a row from that distance, with my Dad with me, I hit the flag stick or went in the hole and came out, with no longer than a 2 inch putt.
Absolutely great!  It reminds me when I had my first hole in one, I came home elated as you 
can imagine and naturally I went into my wife and excitedly told her and could not wait for her
response of how GREAT I was!  Her response was "That's nice!"  I said, I had a hole in one
and your response is that's nice??  She said, well you have been playing for years and you
play a lot and you are aiming at the hole, you would think it would happen more often!  All of
a sudden, I wasn't so proud!

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Playing in a practice round at Karnes County Country Club in South Texas, my partner and I  were playing a 500 yard par 5. I pushed my drive just right off the fairway. When I find my ball its laying under a big mesquite tree with a lot of overhanging limbs. I'm about 225 out. I take my 4 iron and knowing I just have to hit a hard low punch. I take my swing and hit a low screamer that carries about 170 and runs all the way to the back of the green where we see the ball just disappear. I'm assuming it's over the green. My partner walks by the hole and what do you know, its in the hole! A Double Eagle 2!!! I've yet to card a Hole in One but I can say I have a 2 on a par five!!!

Coronado Golf Club, No.16

I was playing my best round ever at the time, and wanted to break 80. The 16th is a great looking golf hole, with  Glorietta Bay all along the right. 

I blocked my tee shot dead right into the ocean. 

After dropping, I smoked my 503.H 19* to 115 yards. 

I pulled 7-iron. 

Hit the most flush shot of the day, and 2 hops later , the ball fell in the hole. 

A nice way to save par. 

Went on to shoot 78. 

Best shot I have ever hit.

Dogleg left par 5.  Hooked drive left deep into the trees.  Thought about taking a mulligan, but put the ball back in my pocket.  My ball was in a grassy area, but there were a dozen or so tree trunks to navigate over a 60 yard distance to escape.  I hit a hard 3 iron punch shot to the fairway and ended up just inside the 150 marker, slight downhill to the hole.  Now, here it comes.  I hit a nine iron that landed 1 foot beyond the whole and spun back in for an eagle.  Glad I didn't take that mulligan!

Albatross, just this past Saturday April 5th with a Pro V1. I was 221 yards out second shot into a par 5, it was awesome.

135 yard approach shot after hitting a bit of a moon ball drive on a 310 yard par 4 this Friday.   Stuck my 34H 1 foot from the pin.

Same golf course  - #9 about a couple months ago.   48-06 on a 105 yard par 3 1 foot from the pin.

Ultimate sneaky birdie - about 2011 at #8 on Riverwalk Friars.   403 yard par 4.  20 yard shot over the bunker with a 60-07 that I sunk for a birdie.  I didn't have the world's greatest drive but a nice 7 wood in that just was barely out of my range.  The bunker is HUGE and it is one of the two "Bunkers From Hell" in SD (the other is #8 at Miramar).

Best drive I ever had was in high school.   I hit a laminated 3 wood 325 yards with a slight tail wind and my 2nd shot was 40 yards to the pin. Short game wasn't that great back then so I settled for a par.

I think my ultimate par save and disaster recovery was 2009.  #17 at Miramar.  3 really horrible shots and then saved par by sinking a 35 yard pitch shot with a SW that hit the left side of the green and rolled straight sideways in the hole.  I still squeezed an 88 with that game for 18 (the fairways were so tight I was using a 5 hybrid) desipite not the world's greatest driving.


Just curious Russ L!  When did you play as I played Pebble back in the late 70s or early 80s and I actually birdied #7 but I hit

a sand wedge to within 2 inches as it was playing around 100 yards downhill.  Maybe you are talking about #8 which has a

sheer cliff about 250 yards out and then a Long way to the green.  I always thought #8, 9 and 10 were 3 of the toughest holes 

on the golf course but also some of the most beautiful!  I also have to agree with you, if I had a putt for birdie on that hole, that would certainly have been considered one of the best shots I had ever made!

Good story!

     I've had two holes-in-one and normally one might count those as their best shots, but they were just routine short or mid-irons that got lucky.  However, I think my best shot ever was on a par 5. I was in a fairway bunker about 220 yards from the green. I had a good lie, so I selected my 2-iron and hit it really pure. The shot ended up about 12 inches from the cup for a tap in eagle.

I didn't read through all of these, but I bet there weren't many 9 irons mentioned.  I was in the left rough, left of a row of 100 year old cotton woods.  I had 135 center, pin middle-back. But I had a perfect lie so I decided "why not?!".  I absolutely flushed it as it started left of the first tree, then faded about 20 yards over the next cotton wood. I didn't see it down, but what was waiting for me was a ball between the hole and back of the green (5 feet either side), dead center of the green.  Made the putt and walked off knowing I earned that birdie!

I have two and thy were both last year. 1) I holed out on a par 5 the third shot from 129 yards with a 9 iron during league play and a win for the team. 2) My first hole in one in my 23 years of golf. Par 3, 128 yards 8 iron into the wind. Love this game!!

You are absolutely correct. I was talking about hole 8, not 7, at Pebble Beach. I birdied 7 the same way you did minutes before my greatest shot. We had no wind that August day in 2006, and I was light headed as I played that series of holes by the water. It really is a beautiful place which I intend to play again some time in my life. My three buddies and I were on a golf trip of all golf trips that summer. Starting at Pumpkin Ridge (Oregon), Bandon Dunes, Harding Park, (couldn't get on Olympic), Spyglass, Pasatiempo, Pebble, Spanish Bay. Thanks for the correction- hit em' long and straight! Russ

It was my last round as a Colorado resident at The Raven in Silverthorne CO.  I had 3 wood from 250+ (downhill) in the first cut.  The group in front of us was walking off when I hit.  I would have been thrilled just to get it near the green, but I struck it pure and watched hopefully as it took a big bounce toward the green.  I lost the ball after the hop, and the group ahead started yelling and waving.  I figured I hit near them.  

I felt really bad about it.  As I approached their whole 4 some smiled like high school girls in the cafeteria.  I tipped my cap and being looking for my ball.  One of the guys yelled "check the cup" as they lined up on the next tee box.  I smiled and waved.  Thinking he was being a jerk, I kept looking.  After they hit another guy said "no seriously, check the cup".  There it was, Titleist starring up at me.  I was lucky enough to sink an albatross.  Best shot of my life.

So many to choose from for this scenario.  

But I will choose my only Hole in One as the top choice.

My ace was made during the inaugural  FootJoy Ambassadors Invitational held at Medinah CC in Chicago.  We were able to play course #3 (the tour course).  We had a great match going back and forth when we got to the 8th hole.  Playing at 180 yards into a slight breeze, I struck a crisp 6 iron just left of the hole. The ball released over a ridge towards the hole and we headed to the green.  Chris Garrett with FootJoy had actually hit a shot that was more on line with the hole and we had assumed that his ball would be closer.  At the green there was only one ball to be seen so many assumptions were made.  The fore caddie went to the hole and turned to alert me that I was buying the drinks.  Our group yelled and jumped around like kids as well as the group on the tee in front of us.  Many beverages were shared to finish that round and we split the team points.  A celebration ensued with the group for the remainder of the evening.  The first person I called was my father back home who was under care for Cancer.  We spoke about the shot among other things and the excitement in his voice was as much as mine.

The FJA group at that outing still remain close to this day with regular regional outings and visits. 

The Acushnet companies and their employees at Footjoy and Titleist for should be applauded for the opportunities they have afforded their loyal followers.  Truly proves that they make the best products and have the best employees.