What's the best shot you've ever hit?

Last year - Par 3, 135 yds., Hit it directly into the cup. It made one heck of a racket.


So many to choose from for this scenario.  

But I will choose my only Hole in One as the top choice.

My ace was made during the inaugural  FootJoy Ambassadors Invitational held at Medinah CC in Chicago.  We were able to play course #3 (the tour course).  We had a great match going back and forth when we got to the 8th hole.  Playing at 180 yards into a slight breeze, I struck a crisp 6 iron just left of the hole. The ball released over a ridge towards the hole and we headed to the green.  Chris Garrett with FootJoy had actually hit a shot that was more on line with the hole and we had assumed that his ball would be closer.  At the green there was only one ball to be seen so many assumptions were made.  The fore caddie went to the hole and turned to alert me that I was buying the drinks.  Our group yelled and jumped around like kids as well as the group on the tee in front of us.  Many beverages were shared to finish that round and we split the team points.  A celebration ensued with the group for the remainder of the evening.  The first person I called was my father back home who was under care for Cancer.  We spoke about the shot among other things and the excitement in his voice was as much as mine.

The FJA group at that outing still remain close to this day with regular regional outings and visits. 

The Acushnet companies and their employees at Footjoy and Titleist for should be applauded for the opportunities they have afforded their loyal followers.  Truly proves that they make the best products and have the best employees.


best Ace ever!

My best shot was on a 500 yard Par 5 hole, second shot from 179 yards with my Titleist 690MB 6 iron that went in the hole for a Double eagle....second best shot was on a 217 yard par 3, I hit my hybrid with too much fade and it went into the lateral water hazard to the right of the green. I decided to re-hit from the tee and landed on the green, took a couple hops and we watched it disappear into the hole for a "Hole in Three". FUN STUFF.

One of my most recent favorite shots came on a hole during last years City Championships. Our flight played at a course I do not normally play. On the previous hole I had made a long putt for par. Full of adrenaline I hurried to the next tee box. Having the honor on the short par 4, I tee-off with an iron and hit it in the middle of the fairway. Shortly after I hit, one of my playing partner says "brother, you hit from the wrong tee box". After my playing partners hit, I then threw a small tantrum after realizing I then had to take a stroke and distance penalty. Hitting from the proper tee box I hit it in the fairway and put my wedge shot up on the fringe. Fuming the entire way up to the green, I knew I was looking double bogey right in the face. Taking very little time, I looked over the putt and hit it. 

As a lefty, the putt broke from left to right and was at least 40 feet long. I stroked the putt and tracked it the entire way until it disappeared in the bottom of the hole for a bogey. Needless to say I was in shock and laid on the ground in shear disbelief. Somehow the golf gods gave me one back and some redemtion for my indescretion on the tee box. Kind of funny that people talk about eagles and birdies on this thread, but for me that bogey putt was the best shot I took last year.