Custom Staff Stand Bag Ordered?

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I ordered a custom Staff Stand bag from the Del Monte - Pebble Beach pro shop almost four weeks ago. Should it take this long, or did something not get done correctly?


Ben Aslan


2-4 weeks seems reasonable however I would not get worried yet.


seems reasonable, I would not get worried yet...give it one more week.


My bag came earlier this month. It took about 7 weeks, which is longer than I expected, but just wanted to say it is BEAUTIFUL! I am so happy I got this bag.

I wanted to cuddle with it that night, instead of my wife, but she vetoed that plan. :-(

I was worried at first about the fewer dividers compared to my last Titleist stand bag, but have to mention that I now realize I've always had too many dividers. Within 100 yards, I'm never sure which wedge I'll want to use and now I have all 3 of my Vokeys as well as my putter in the same divider, it makes it SO much easier to get out and back in the bag.

And did I mention the bag is BEAUTIFUL? Great work Titleist! 

I'm proud to have that bag!