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I just purchased a new Scotty Cameron putter and wish to change the grip to a fatter grip like the Super Stroke grips. Does Titleist have these grips with the Scotty Cameron name on them? I understand that if I put just any grip on it the club loses its value, is this true? Thanks Fred

I'm not an expert on value, but I don't think the grip will hurt the value much.  That is something that can be changed quickly and easily without harming the club.  If you're worried about value, using it will hurt the value much more than the grip.

I wouldn't worry too much about the value even though the grip will most likely not change the value much.   Put a grip on that you like, and putt well with!   

Hi Fred, 

 I agree with tdogg and Curtis.  The grip is not going to have an affect on value. You can always order a new Cameron grip if you want to change it back to the original style. 

 Chris S

I put a Superstroke flat grip on my Golo, and they were able to take the Scotty grip off without hurting it.  They said they could put it back on for me for $3 if I didn't like the new grip.  I've been making way more puts with the new grip, so I don't see that heppening anytime soon though. 

I agree with Cliff.  Just pull the Cameron grip and keep it.  

Thanks. Fred
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Thanks. I’ve owned TM's and Pngs as well as Odssy putters but have never owned a Scotty. Thanks again, Fred
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I did what Cliff did and am very happy with the results. The pistolero is on the shelf at home. The grip works for the Duff and Jordan, and although I'm a few strokes and pennies behind them, I felt like I improved with a Futura-X and can measure the strokes improved with the grip added. Actually have a 2012 Winn-grip since SS decided to not sponsor me. ;-)
Hi and thank for the reply. I had been using a TM Ghost then my wife bought me the Scotty Futura-X and do like the feel of it. The grip is slightly smaller than the Super Stroke I had on the TM and you can feel the difference. Thanks for the reply. Fred Tupkielewicz
P.S.: I know how you feel about not getting the sponsor, WINN wouldn’t sponsor me.
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There are number of places that have a tool to remove the current grip without damaging it so you can go back to the original grip at any point.  

you loose value after you paid for it !!

HI Andrew, Thanks for the reply. I do club repairs and regriping so took care of that yesterday. I was able to remove the Scotty grip and replace it with a Super Stroke 2.0. Again thanks. Fred
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Put the grip that works for you. I actually have to take my putter in for a new grip too :-)