RE: Carl T replied to Re: Boom Box's on the Course

We have a couple of people in our group who enjoy music. It is not loud, you have to be within 10 or 15 feet from the cart to hear it. I enjoy it myself, sometimes a song I really like comes on and loosens me up. If you go to Greyhawk in Scottsdale there is always music on the range. 

I think If it is at a reasonable volume it's fine. Just for reference though it is against USA rules in tournament play.

Tim Honold

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Tim, the key phrase here is, "If it's not to loud". As far as I am concerned if I can't hear it, it does not exist. If I am on the putting green and a cart rolls by with the bass vibrating off of every thing within 50 yards or if I am on the tee box or anywhere on the course and I can hear music blaring, it's too dang loud. My hearing is not the best and what little I have left I certainly do not want to hear the latest rock group's big hit.