TT Fantasy Football 2014

Alright people, activating the league.   Everyone from last year is still in but I need to know if you'd like to play again otherwise I am going to remove you.   So if you played last year and want in this year, let me know your screen name.   Anyone new wanting to get in let me know and we can adjust the teams.   Looking forward to defending my title!!

what website do you use?  i would love to get in

Hoosier Football Daddy is in!!!!

Dr. K

Paul P

what website do you use?  i would love to get in Paul.   Shoot me your email address and I'll send you an invite.    

Got ya Dr. K, your in!

Lob Wedge Field Goals is in!

i would like to get in also.. Please email me the details at

I'd love to get in a TT Fantasy Football League

DB9Boilers is back in!!!

Sign me up

Aint the car its the Driver is in! And the hell with second place this year. lol

Patrick H

Sign me up

Whats the email address?   

I have added 4 new teams for this year.  I am guessing there will be a few from last year that won't play so we will adjust accordingly when the season is about to start.   

Anyone new please leave and PM me your email and I will get you an invite sent out.

2 open spots available still if anyone would like to join up.    I also sent an email to the league asking for a reply back just to make sure everyone is going to participate.   

DB9Boilers is in!!
Dan Hubert
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If there's any space available I be interested..