Looking for TT Members in Western North Carolina!

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Dr. Kovatchian

Hey Y'all!!!!

Looking for TT Members in Western North Carolina.

Just Recently Relocated from Austin, TX to Asheville, NC....actually my clubs are still on the moving truck (I PRAY).

Hoping to meet some players near Asheville...Looking for Sunday Morning Games.


Dr. K

Dan H

I always travel to the Charlotte area so am in the area quite often.  The wife wants to move down there to be closer to family!!

Team Titleist Club ConciergeTPI Certified

Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

Heard Asheville is a beautiful area and lots of good golf there.  Enjoy your new place!


Hope you enjoy the gorgeous weather there!  I have really enjoyed some great golf in that part of the country!

Steve N

Are you looking for private club or public courses?

Dr. Kovatchian

Steve- right now I'm looking for a good game.

Dr. Kovatchian

Thanks Cathy!!!

Hope to play soon...we'll be all moved in next week!

Dr. K