Hole in One

How do you register a hole in one using Titleist golf ball?


to Team Titleist and click on this link:



Monday May 13th I had a hole in one in my club in Florida using a Titelist velocity ball. Does titelist give anything for this feat.


Diane G

Hi Diane,  Congratulations!  You can register your hole in one on your Team Titleist page.  Or just go to www.titleist.com and under Features at the bottom of the page, click on Hole in One.  In about 4-5 weeks you will received a commemorative bag tag.

Congratulations Diane G!!!

I remember my one and only hole-in-one like it was yesterday (it was in 2008) - Titleist So-Lo #1!!

My bag tag is on my golf bag. :)

Congrats on the hole in one ! I hope to get one myself some day :-)

Hole in one September 3, 2013

Hole in one September 3, 2013, at Jackson country club, Murphysboro, Illinois at 5:30 pm witnessed by Jerry Henry, Bud Shook, and Jerry Willis.  Club pro Sam Sambursky.

I got a hole in one at Big Run Golf Club in Lockport, IL on May 8, 2014 on the par 3 13th hole. it was 180 yards.

I had my first hole in one on Monday, May 12, 2014 after 35 years of golfing.  It was at Squirrel Run Golf and Country Club in Plymouth, MA.  It was on Hole 14 using a pinnacle golf ball and a 5 iron at 93 yards.  I generally use a Titleist ball but happened to take the pinnacle out of my bag.  It was very exciting as I was playing with a ladies league.

Great, welcome to the club.

Geoffrey M

How do you register a hole in one using Titleist golf ball?

At Twin Lakes Golf Course in Rochester Hills Mi 48307. On Friday the 13th (Lucky for me). The 14 th hole 87 yards.

Recorded 2 hole in ones in three days (6/2/2014 and 6/4/2014) at Jones Creek Golf Club, Evans, Georgia using Titleist Pro V1 golf balls.