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  1. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Len,

    First of all, congrats on the ace! Right now, the turnaround time for the bag tag is approximately 4 to 6 weeks (but sometimes sooner). Just to confirm, in addition to submitting your story, did you fill out the form on this page as well?

    Congrats again and thanks for sharing your story!

  2. Len D

    Hi Mike - yes, I filled out the form too. Thanks for the rapid response!
  3. jim k

    got my hole in one bag tag a couple years ago. i love it and love having it for all to see :) Titleist is the best!
  4. Joshua B

    Wow nice Len! Congrats on the ace!
  5. Len D

    The only problem is - I lost the match 1 down. ;-)
  6. Greg L

    I just received mine today after about 3 weeks. Titleist, you are the greatest!
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  7. Dave N

    Congrats , but be patient grasshopper . It will appear when you quit looking for it.
  8. Len D

    Many thanks! The tag has arrived!
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  9. Jeffrey K

    The hole-in-one form page is erroring out to a page not found.

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