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Great survey goin' on.   Titleist is listening.......speak up


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David Browning

Yes, definitely guys/gals. If you've ever had any ideas to help make Team Titleist better...any questions for Titleist...any other ideas...now's the time to speak up. It's a great survey and you should give it a try when you get a chance.


* 2013 performed around the green great for me. My approach shot had more loft and stuck to the green from about 100 yards out where I use my 58-08 vokey wedge.

* 2013 from 60 yards in gave me better control. I was able to apply spin and roll.

* 2013 worked well for me with my 712 MB 6 and 8 iron with spin from 185 to 165 yards out.

* 2013 off the tee is awesome!!!!! I can fade with great trajectory with loft and apply a straight shot as well.

* From 150 yards in, 2013 is far better. I have spin when I want it, along with roll. 2013 allows me to have more options.

* 2013 is longer with my irons, hybrid, and fairways by 25-35 yards 

* 2013 off the tee great. My loft is higher with either a fade or straight down the fairway. 2013 improved my yardage from 265 to 295. I'm a amateur teeing off like a PGA Titleist Staffer.

* 2013 has a great feel. Very tight trajectory.

* By far, 2013 is the better golf ball, and I prefer the 2013 golf ball!!!!